Gebrauchtrad :: V E R K A U F T !

Good evening, Friends,

I participated recently in some Recumbent Meetings (last week in Slowenia! - this is quite a nice achievement, as you know I am Hungarian but living in Poland now...) and I had to realise, that it is time to change :-)

The reason was the hills where I could observe that those who were riding trikes, could overcom the peaks much easier. Well, 53 years are 53 years, even if I do not feel so ....

Now it is time to "grow up" from two to three wheels. I have found already my "target" here in Poland, however, due to considerable financial and space constrains, first I should sell my actual recumbent (we have now alltogether 6 bikes in my family plus a trailer for my grand-daughter, so there is absolutely no chance to place a trike in our cellars :-(

The recu I am trying to sell is an AZUB4, although 4 years old, but in very good shape, fully equipped (full suspension, racks for four panniers, windshield etc) continuously "upgraded" and under special care....

Normally I use my trekking bike, so the AZUB enjoyed only sunshine and good road conditions, on special occasions. Have a look at the photos, and help me to make the change! My target price is cca 800 Euro and for 50 Euro more I can deliver the bike to the buyer in Germany with my car :-)