Bus Tour to the SPEZI 2014

Would you like to come to the SPEZI the easy way? Our friends at Velo Vision Magazine are running a coach trip to the show, and there's still just time to book in!

The bus picks up visitors at Stansted Airport or at Upminster station (on London's Tube network) and then drives through the night to the SPEZI. It's a tour bus with beds on board, so there's no need for extra accommodation. Pick-up is on Friday 25th April, and then the bus is back in England on Monday morning - despite having two full days at the show.
So it's a super time-efficient way to visit.

You'll be travelling with like-minded and interesting people, and you'll also get to enjoy seeing some of Germany's superb cycling infrastructure first hand - the bus parks up at a tennis club a short cycle ride away from the show, so bring a folding bike!

Bookings close on the 3rd of March for this year's trip, and it costs
£365 per person. See:


for all the details.