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Lightfoot ATC
  Rod Miner of Lightfoot Cycles has created a real monster here. I want one. Badly.
Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0
  Bacchetta - A company that practically owns the high performance recumbent segment and has dozens of nationally known race wins to its credit. They are our Porsche.
Bombing Down Backroads on an ICE B1
  At first glance, you might think that the B1 is simply a bit of photo artistry, where someone took a shot of the rear of one of ICE’s trikes and connected it to a picture of the front end of some swb bike.
Klimax stroomlijn op de Hase Trets
  Interessant de stroomlijn Klimax van Hase kan ook op de Trets kinderaanhanger worden gebruikt.
Markham Malibu Being Delivered (Drool Warning!!!)
  Freddy Markham sent along a couple of pics and press release about the new Markham Malibu. The pics below are two of the first customer bikes. Mmmmm… Carbon… Drooooool… (Gallery After the Jump)
Roeifiets nieuws
  Roeifiets bouwer Derk Thys geeft in een nieuwsbrief regelmatig leuk nieuws over de gebruikers van deze bijzondere fietsen. We plukken een paar berichten eruit die nog actueel zijn zoals een aantal verslagen van lowlands 1200 op de roeifiets en aandachtspunten voor het komen EK roeifietsen.
Hase Klimax Wins Award
  The Hase Klimax has one the Eurobike 2010 Award. This award is presented ahead of the Eurobike trade show and is awarded to products that will be shown at the show and are found to be particularly innovative.
Kemper's Classics
  Also showing off new models at Eurobike will be Kemper, whose range includes the Filibus and Lorri load bikes. There are increased load capabilites and upgrades for the FilibusPlus and the PackMax Duo and two new transport bikes to be added to the stable: Le Porteur and the Green Elephant.
Hase's Foldable Fairing
  German manfacturer Hase, the name behind the Pino tandem and Kettwiesel trike, has announced their latest project, the Klimax, which will be on show at Eurobike next month.
A bit on the side
  Sidecars, although perhaps more often associated with motorbikes, have often been fitted to bicycles in the past. Although the trailer is perhaps the more common method of transporting a child, (or dog) these days, there's no reason why you shouldn't use a sidecar – if you can get one.
No visible means of support
  Tony Ibbs sent us the link to this Tom's Guide story on a forkless bicycle. Norweigian Olli Erkkila designed the bike for the 2010 Seoul Bicycle Design Competition.
Lightfoot Big Foot
  Lightfoot sent me some information about their new Big Foot long wheelbase. This new bruiser rides on 559mm Surly Large Marge rims and ginormous 3.7″ tires.
Bacchetta Bella
  Bacchetta is primarily known for big wheel highracers like the Giro, Corsa and Aero and it’s easy to see why. They’ve won more high-profile races than any other recumbent company on Earth by a longshot and their bikes have become the number one choice of the high performance and long distance racing sets.
All tyred out
  Have you ever stopped to wonder just how a tyre or inner tube is made? Now you can find out courtesy of this video from Schwalbe.
ICE celebrates 2010 line with video montage
  ICE premiered a new video at the Midwest Recumbent Rally to celebrate the last 8 months of the success of their 2010 line of recumbent trikes.
'Rütenbrock' weer groot succes
  Het uitdagende parcours door de straten van Rütenbrock was zaterdag 'the place to be'. Een opkomst van 56 deelnemers met allerlei soorten ligfietsen, veel publiek en sportieve acties op de baan. Wederom hield de brandweer van Rütenbrock de straten goed afgesloten.  more
RANS Xstream XL Available
  One of the few flaws I found with the RANS Xstream high performance LWB was that I barely fit on it with my long legs. I wasn’t the only tall rider who had issues with the bike and RANS has now responded with an XL version.
Etwas Neues von HP-Velotechnik
  Psst… da kommt was neues von HP-Velotechnik. Seht Euch das Video an… more
Jouta Trike Reappears
  I’ve seen the Jouta pop up here and there over the years but it looks like this new and improved version may be here to stay and push the bike more into the mainstream. Well… as mainstream as a front wheel drive, rear wheel steer/leansteer recumbent trike can be in this world anyway… More info on the Jouta web site.
It's behind you!
  Cyclists always need to know what's behind them, and spotted on the Bicycle Design website is the latest aid to rear viewing, the Cerevellum cycle computer with rearview camera.
Read the Strida thesis
  Mark Saunders, designer of the distinctive Strida folding bike, has celebrated the 25th anniversary of his design by publishing his original Masters Thesis on Issuu.
Velomobielbouwer Alligt dealer van WAW en Sunrider

Velomobilbauer Alligt wird WAW- und Sunrider-Händler

Dronten wordt met de dealerschappen die Alligt nu voert het centrum van de velomobielmarkt in Nederland. Doordat het een samenwerking is met fietser.be wordt dat bedrijf een zeer belangrijke speler in België en Frankrijk. Fietser.be krijgt namelijk de ondersteuning voor de verkoop van de Alleweders en Sunriders voor die landen.
Dronten wird das Velomobil-Zentrum in den Niederlanden. Durch die Zusammenarbeit mit Alligt wird fietser.be ein wichtiger Händler in Belgien und Frankreich, fietser.be darf nämlich in diesen Ländern Alleweder und Sunrider verkaufen. more
Velocity Halo Rims
  Velocity’s Halo reflective rims are sort of very cool. They look black in normal light, but shine like a second sun when headlights hit them at night.
MultiSport Trailer
  Pete Lewis, one of our message board users, passed on this information about the MultiSport Trailer from Small Car Solutions.
Two Wheels Good, Three Wheels Better, Five Wheels Best! - the EcoShopper Trailer
  Yes, there are other trailers, and some are rated at carrying even more than what the EcoShopper can tote (75 pounds, but they do recommend only 35 pounds for more enjoyable touring). But they tend to be heavier, more complicated, and definitely more expensive.
Rekordwochenende: Neuer 24h-Weltrekord
  Christian von Ascheberg erreichte 1000km nach 19h 27min! Er brach Jeff Nielsens Rekord (1109km) nach 21h 36min! Das heißt, er könnte mehr als 1200km in 24h fahren!!! more
Rekordwochenende: Neuer 12h-Weltrekord
  Christian von Ascheberg hat einen neuen 12h Weltrekord erreicht. Nach 11 Stunden hatte er bereits die alte Distanz gefahren. Nach 12 Stunden erreichte er etwa 670km und zielt jetzt auf den 24h-Rekord. more
Go-One Evolution R4 (Brutos)
  Daniel Fenn arbeitet immer noch an seinem Vehikel, mit dem er dies tun will: Einer neuen Variante des Go-One Evolution R. Das R4 (das 4te Modell der Serie) ist wieder leichter als sein letztes Velomobil und Daniel schreibt im deutschen Velomobilforum, dass es immer noch sehr robust ist – was er bei seinem Fahrstil benötigt. more
HPV Hybrid Still In Contention For Automotive X-Prize
  The venerable German Twike is still in the running for the multi million dollar Automotive X-Prize. The vehicle that’s competing is essentially the same one you’ve been able to buy in Europe since 1996.
Linear Limo 3.0
  Many of our message board readers frequently create long posts bemoaning the near death of the underseat steering two wheel recumbent. It is painfully true that this format is on the decline but luckily there are still a few of them out there alive and kicking. One of them is the Linear Limo.
The Lightning Phantom - A Review In Three Perspectives
  Three people. One bike. We put the Lightning Phantom through three reviewers to get a little something for everyone.
TerraCycle Cargo Monster
  “Longtails” are all the rage lately. I’m talking about extended bicycles that have room built in for extra panniers and cargo. The most popular of these are made using a kit from Xtracycle.
Einzug ins BrandNew Village - ICLETTA ist Finalist beim ersten BIKE EXPO BrandNew Award 2010 der Messe München
  Nachdem die neuen ICE Modelle viele Dreirad Enthusiasten begeistert haben, hat das ICE Sprint jetzt auch die BrandNew Jury überzeugt. Mit dem neuen ICE Sprint ist ICLETTA Finalist in der Kategorie URBAN/DESIGN. more
Hase präsentiert neues E-Trike mit faltbarer Verkleidung
  Hase wird ein neues E-Trike auf Basis ihres Kettwiesels präsentieren. Das KLIMAX 2K wird etwa 5600 Euro kosten und wird auf der EuroBike 2010 gezeigt (siehe Pressemitteilung). more
HPVelotechnik Scorpion fs (Updated)
  Less than two years ago, a full suspension tadpole trike was a very rare thing. They were something that you may have seen on the Internet but you weren’t very likely to see them at a recumbent rally and you definitely did not encounter them on your dealer’s showroom floor with any regularity. That’s all changed now. I actually have two full suspension trikes in my living room right now! One of them is the subject of this review.
Ligfiets wint moonbuggy wedstrijd Nasa

Liegerad gewinnt das NASA-Moonbuggy-Rennen

Een verhaal op Velovision geeft een leuk nieuwtje. Een vierwielige ligfiets heeft een wedstrijd van Nasa gewonnen.
Ein Artikel auf der VeloVision-Website berichtet über eine nette Geschichte: Ein vierrädriges Liegerad hat ein NASA-Rennen gewonnen. more
A Visit to Lightfoot Cycles
  Rod Miner, owner of Lightfoot Cycles, is willing to change the world. He doesn’t force anyone. But if you want a pedal powered vehicle for any purpose, Rod is willing to help.
Azub introduceert R.A.W. Wielsets

AZUB stellt Laufräder von R.A.W. vor

Fabrikant Azub heeft in samenwerking met een producent van wielen een serie producten ontwikkeld speciaal voor het gebruik op de ligfiets.
AZUB hat in Zusammenarbeit mit einem Laufradhersteller eine Laufradserie speziell für den Gebrauch am Liegerad entwickelt. more
‘BentRider Jerseys Are Back!
  After our last failed attempt at getting ‘BentRider jerseys made, we were ecstatic when Bent it Cycling sent an email asking if we wanted to partner up on getting some ‘BentRider gear made. The jerseys will be in stock on July 1st and will retail for $69.95.
Hase announces recall of aluminum couplers
  Hase Spezialräder has announced that they are recalling all aluminum tandem couplers.
ICE Folding Bikes
  The UK trike manufacturers add folding functionality to their two bike models - read on for pictures and video... Press release from Inspired Cycle Engineering. more
Velomobiel.nl kleine quest

Kleines Quest von Velomobiel.nl

Op de blog van Wim Schermer lazen we interessant nieuws. Een kleiner frontaal oppervlak heeft grote invloed op de luchtweerstand van de velomobiel. Kleine rijders zouden baat hebben bij een kleinere stroomlijn.
Im Blog von Wim Schermer kann man lesen, dass bei einem Velomobil ein kleinerer Querschnitt großen Einfluss auf den Luftwiderstand hat. Das könnte von Vorteil für kleinere Fahrer sein. more
HPVelotechnik Scorpion fs
  Less than two years ago, a full suspension tadpole trike was a very rare thing. They were something that you may have seen on the Internet but you weren’t very likely to see them at a recumbent rally and you definitely did not encounter them on your dealer’s showroom floor with any regularity. That’s all changed now. I actually have two full suspension trikes in my living room right now! One of them is the subject of this review.
Veel nieuwe modellen Flevobike in ontwikkeling

Viele neue Flevobike-Modelle in der Entwicklung

Veel verbeteringen aan het bestaande velomobiel model Versatile. En een pedalec en een driewieler op basis van de Greenmachine zijn in ontwikkelingsfase.
Es gibt viele Verbesserungen am Modell Versatile. Außerdem befinden sich ein Pedelec und ein Dreirad auf Basis der Greenmachine in der Entwicklungsphase. more
Markham Malibu Pricing and Gallery
  Freddy Markham of RR Velo sent me some pics of a final production example of the Malibu carbon fiber long wheelbase.
Impressions of the KMX Tornado
  Until KMX came along, any recumbent trike buyer would have to be ready to fork over $1800-$2000 after tax and shipping for an entry level so-called "budget" trike. KMX really is a class of its own with the Tornado. In all honesty, it's not a Ferrari and it's not a Mustang. It's a Scion of trikes.
Greenspeed GT1 - I’m Cheap, But …
  … price is not always my main concern, nor should it be yours. Sure, there are times when it comes pretty close - but I do like to step back and think, yeah, this one here is cheaper than that one there, but will I regret my decision later? Will my tight fist come back to haunt me? In the case of the trike being reviewed, the Greenspeed GT1, often referred to as the “basic folder” and Greenspeed’s “entry-level” offering, is the initial cost savings worth it?  Read on!
Pterosail set for cross-country tour
  PRESS RELEASE - Pterosail Trike Systems, L.C. is excited to announce they will be doing something that's never been done before: sailing and cycling across the country.
Cruzbike Quest
  If you live in the United States and you’ve seen a front wheel drive, moving bottom bracket recumbent, odds are pretty good that it was a Cruzbike.
Hase teases velo shell
  Hase has been quietly teasing a new trike via their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Six days ago, an image hit the web.
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